Get the Representation You Deserve from a lawyer

Under any circumstances, you have the right to an attorney in Medford Or, even when charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). The question is will you be hiring a DWI defense law professional to be of benefit or merely end up as yet another expense you have to deal with?

Regardless of whether it is your first intoxicated offense or first encounter with the law for whatever reason, you are going to face heavy expenses. The decision you are facing is if you can actually afford additional costs through hiring an attorney firm like the Law Center who specializes in DWI cases?

Why You Would Need a Medford Oregon Divorce Attorneys Who Specialize in Crime Related Matters

Naturally, they’ll tell you that you’re going to have to hire an lawyer who focuses specifically on defending intoxicated drivers. After all, DWI is regarded as a serious offense that may very well affect your future, which, of course, is true.

Legal websites of note would state that selecting the right DWI attorney in Oregon may salvage your driver’s license and even get your charges acquitted or reduced. Please note that the keyword here is “may” – In other words, it may or may not help you. At this stage, you may wonder if it will work in your favor.

DWI and DUI Laws Have Changed

At one time when you hired a lawyer for either DUI or DWI, you could plead to a lesser charge in the name of reckless driving, then pay your fine and off you’d go. However, that was in the old days before all 50 states passed a different law known as drunk driving per se where it now is mandatory for intoxicated drivers to be adjudicated.

In every state in America, if your BAC level was shown to be at 0.08 or above, you will be guilty of DWI. This even though you were not slurring or staggering or in any way appeared to be intoxicated. Your BAC levels alone is enough to convict you.

License Suspension

In the meantime, 41 states now passed administrative license suspension laws, allowing officers of the law immediately to confiscate as well as suspend your driver’s license should you fail either the field sobriety test or record an excessive BAC level.

In most states, refusing a breath test will result in the immediate confiscation of your license. The thing is new laws get the driver’s license suspended independently from criminal court proceedings. The state gave you the right to drive, and they can take it away again. Should you drive with a BAC (Blood alcohol level) above 0.08, then the state will take your license without fail in every state except for Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

In these nine states, your license will not be suspended until you go to court. However, it will be suspended if you are convicted or plead guilty. Can you begin to see that it makes sense to go to the expense of hiring a reputed law firm?

Another legal site said that if you were arrested for DUI, you could forfeit your driver’s license, be put in jail and severely fined. What is more, your insurance rates will rise, and you may end up with a criminal record that would impact on future employment opportunities. All because your BAC level has been registered at 0.08 or higher. Without a shadow of a doubt, you will be convicted and face hefty fines, fees, and other expenses while being sentenced for a DUI offense.

What About Prior Offenses?

Experienced defense attorneys in Medford, who deal with DWI and DUI cases, would highlight the fact that previous offenses where you may have caused damages to property, or you injured someone, endangered the life of a child, etc., may result in your receiving an enhanced sentence.

However, if you are innocent where you did not drink or were intoxicated in any other way but failed the breath and field sobriety test, then you are within your right to enlist the services of a defense attorney. You can be sure that you’ll need one. Never fool yourself into thinking you can argue the case by yourself. Instead, seek legal assistance from law firms like the Medford Law Center.